Each aspect of marketing coincides with varied marketing and advertising tools. The ITMC team focuses its recommendations to match both the purpose and individual goals for each individual client. It takes experts to match the most effective process and protocols from all the available programs to assure the predictable and calculated success of each program.

What strategies, ads, mailings, social media, online or traditional marketing methods will increase sales while being both targeted and cost-effective?

Once the goal is defined, the strategy and process is defined. The road to the goal is often a combination of collateral efforts across a range of actions and applications.

Business Marketing Strategy Development

The In Touch Marketing Concepts Team has a history of bold and successful brand and business development. From a first time start-up to a seasoned professional company that needs a global update, we customize a plan with our clients to meet their goals with the most expedient and modern marketing processes.

Including but not limited to:

  • Marketing Programs
  • Marketing Budget
  • Marketing Plans
  • Sales Support
  • Targeted Demographics Research
  • Business Development
  • Concept Development
  • Creative Input
  • Marketing Strategy
  • “Go to Market” Strategies

Business Branding Development

Starting up or starting over? Branding identifies much more of the soul of a company than just a colorful and clever logo. The brand describes the flavor, the spirit, and the purpose or mission of the business.

To that end, our professionals work with your professionals to make the road to success less bumpy. Actions must have logic, artwork, and process and the campaigns must have clear, quantifiable and attainable goals set. Designing and managing expectations with measurable results is one of the strongest aspects of our process.

New Product Branding or Re-Branding

  • Logo & Tagline Development
  • Demographic Research
  • Competitive Market Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Labeling/Packaging Design
  • Succession and Roll-Out Planning

New Product Launches

  • Point-of-Sale Materials
  • Product Sell Sheets
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Focus Groups

Business Development

The buzz-word in every organization — but are you actually developing your business?
The importance of building new business is imperative for the survival of every business, no matter where you identify in the business cycle.  Whether the business growth is organic in nature, expanding existing business with product penetration or targeting market share that will add profits to the bottom line, growth is vital to the sustainability of an organization. The ITMC team will partner with your business team to:

  • Develop new client relationships and maintain positive client communication channels in existing relationships.
  • Develop lead generation processes that support the strategic goals of the sales team.
  • Review and provide oversight to maintain consistent company branding for all communications materials.
  • Develop metrics to monitor progress and accountability.

Social Media Marketing:

We customize Social Media Marketing (SMM) to match your company, product or services to broaden the awareness of your business while keeping your name in the list of trending concerns. Content marketing and strategy are keys to the success of SMM.

We apply both traditional SMM and automated techniques to keep your name and brand in the forefront of your business category.

We match your company to the social platforms, prominent and most-searched Internet directories and register the most powerful search engines.

The most common social media platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

There are hundreds of other platforms, both general interest and highly specialized, to assess platforms for your company success.

Internet and Web Marketing

How well you harness the Internet will determine your overall authority on the Internet. Yes, even small businesses need to consider the impact of online options and we offer strategies that are proven both effective and cost effective to increase business and name recognition.

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • eNewsletters
  • eSurveys
  • Online Advertising
  • Digital Marketing

Directory Linking

Like many, you may find these confusing or not clearly understand the power of an online presence. Let us be your guide to connect you right where your next client is going find you.

The most common directory links include:

  • Google+ Local
  • Yelp
  • Local
  • Manta
  • Merchant Circle
  • Patch
  • There are hundreds of other directories, both general interest and highly specialized, to assess platforms for your company success.
  • Which ones should you choose?

Print Advertising

There are so many choices to market your company, product or services. Do you need them? If so, which ones, how much and how many? How will you distribute and how effective will they be?
Most importantly, what will be the resulting return-on-investment (ROI)?

  • Print Ads/Sponsorships
  • Every-Door-Direct Mail (EDDM)
  • Direct Mail
  • Customer Mailings/Surveys
  • Consumer Mailings
  • Newsletters
  • Promotional Items

Production Coordination

Event Planning – Gala, Trade Show, Golf Events
Show off with a big bang! As a part of your business advertising, marketing and promotion, a special or annual event may take your company front and center in the public eye and it should be done with flair and panache. Your event should be memorable for all of the right reasons.

Whether you are a 501c3 or can partner with a local community group, In Touch Marketing Concepts can strategically plan an event that will develop the best result for your targeted goal. We are good at making the impossible happen and the venue shine.

We have the experience, the contacts, the peripheral support and the only thing a company needs to do is decide to move forward.

Trade Advertising

Outdoor / Billboard
Whether it’s for a yearly promotional plan, or to highlight a single special event or trade show, ITMC presents realistic demographics tied to realistic expectations.

How many, how long, and in which locations? We can give companies a break down of highly traveled roads with the target audience and predict the efficacy of the return.

Press Releases
Releasing information to various news outlets has become more critical both in print and online media. Timeliness is critical to post just enough information and not to overwhelm the reader with endless drivel, history and self-aggrandizing accolades.

The public is much more time aware than ever. The information must be delivered in seconds rather than minutes and it must be effective enough to catch the eye at a glance.

We pair national news feeds with hyper-focused news and commentary regarding your business and industry trends.

Copywriting for Print
Advertising text is nothing like the Great American Novel! We deliver solid content, tasty tag lines, and compelling copy. Sometimes less is more. And, sometimes more is much more as well as necessary. When you know the difference and can apply it, the best practices are met with entertaining, effective, informative and profitable written content.

Copy-writing Digital and Web Use
The largest and most effective search engine in use today is Google®. They are the ruling architects on online advertising with ever changing algorithms that define whether or not your copy is going to draw business.

Since we closely follow the trends and changes, you will know that your digital media is up to the challenge of the online battle.

Content Research and Writing
To make sure that the content is properly written for the subject matter we rely on our client input with a tremendous amount of critical research. We leave nothing unexamined.

Radio – Spots – Programs and Development
Do you have a special focus that will appeal to prospective clients over the range of several counties, states or geographic regions? Let’s discuss radio, web stream, podcast, placement, frequency and reach. After all, the radio isn’t just for baseball.

Website Efficacy Assessments

How well is your site working? When was the last time that your site actually matched the rest of your marketing plans?

Consistency is the key to all strategic marketing. Paired with frequency and constant evaluation and measuring to monitor your online response, we are able to gauge the movement and response of your marketing along the road.

Website Design & Development

Whether building from scratch, to a total web overhaul, we can determine what you need and what will be most effective. A site that is not updated monthly quickly joins the mothball fleet. The browsers don’t visit and it loses ranking and authority. In short, it becomes a ghost that is not working for you.

A properly functioning website is your only company tool that works 24/7 without complaint.  With over 80% of product or service searches starting online, are you being found?

Special Projects

Challenge US!

We thrive on meeting all types of marketing, selling and business development projects.

Need a trade event? Or, are you possibly looking for a partnering opportunity to build global goodwill and brand friendly awareness? Did you know that we are experts at matching companies with like-minded charitable endeavors? Everyone benefits when they work in tandem.