Case Studies Explained

Boutique Identity Problem

Being known on Facebook alone doesn’t bring buyers through your shop door. When our client called, she found herself Facebook rich, and walk-in poor. Shoppers were not walking through the door and the store did not offer online buying opportunities.

The lines of clothing were terrific but much more expensive than the community would normally support. They were, however located in a terrific college town and the apparel was definitely “student-worthy.”  

The challenge was getting their name to trend locally, raising local awareness while developing their online persona, and increasing their off-the-street buying clientele.  

What they did have was style, panache, and an adventurous nature with a dose of whimsy. The marketing strategy was multi-faceted and needed to be executed contiguously so that their “break-out” opening coincided with all of the task completions. The marketing strategy of giving The Mixx mannequins, Maxx & Maxxine, a “voice,” led to the huge and successful execution of the social media tool from their marketing plan.

ITMC was able to increase The Mixx Facebook reach from 300 per week to over 3,000 (unboosted) reaches in 3 weeks time. We created the buzz on this urban Main Street,attracting all local cafes, business owners and consumers. At the same time we generated programs not only online, but also traditional media to drive this online audience back to the retail store. We created an urban Main Street buzz, aligned with local businesses, reaching the consumer, driving traffic to the store, reaching record numbers of touches/follows online, and created an urban Main Street event that ultimately brought more awareness, business and profits to The Mixx.

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

Rising Country Singer ~ Mike Short, Jr.

“His people called our people.”

When Mike Short Jr., a talented young and rising country star came to us, he and his band faced two challenges, lack of name recognition and lack of reach. Known locally, they were looking for more countrywide recognition.

Big name traditional sponsorships and affiliations are difficult even for known artists. Mike had some unique goals and objectives but did not want to lose the traditions of his background, integrity or home spun flavor. The program strategy designed by In Touch Marketing Concepts delivered the punch that Mike wanted without diluting the image and integrity that he and his band bring their music.  A symbiotic approach, promoting three mutually interested entities was fun, profitable and highly visible. We were able to pair Mike with fellow singer Katie Belle Akin and then with BeltEnvy (fashion designs) to increase their visibility on a countrywide campaign in print, web, and radio. 

Mike wanted a “grassroots” effort working through social media and person-to-person touches at concerts and venues while Katie Belle loved the bling. Combined with a Blog, Twitter, and direct emails to fans, Mike Short was able to increase his media awareness and draw broader attention to his tours.

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

Auction House with Stuffy Products

“From Attics, Basements, Storage Units and Curio Cabinets….”

People collect the most amazing things with such pride and dedication. And eventually, they have to give them away to family, break-up or sell the collection.

Collections offer wonderful timelines of art and history, style and kitsch. Whatever the interest, our clients’ job is to find buyers no matter what the subject of the collection. But what about collections that are really unusual?

“We have a challenge for you!” they said.

Alderfer Auction Company is one of the most recognized names in the business, and even they had to devise a way to effectively reach people who would be interested in their extensive consignment of taxidermy collectibles. Stuffed stuff. Real live (or used to be) stuffed animals of all sorts, shapes and sizes.

Generally their clientele is made up of fine art collectors, furniture collectors, jewelry aficionados, doll collectors, auto collectors and property owners of all sizes. .

So what happens when you are tasked with a very large collection of stuffed animals?

No doubt there is a large market, but the first time specialty auction and target market list was not on their immediate radar.

In Touch Marketing Concepts had several solutions to identify and attract the right bidders to this very special auction.

ITMC locked into the perfect combination of online advertising, social media campaigns, email marketing, direct mailings and hyper-targeted print invitations to reach the appreciative and wide-spread audience for this highly specialized niche specialty.

Result: We quadrupled the number of new buyer registrants and sales!

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

Belt Envy & Branding

BeltEnvy is a unique handcrafted line of American made accessories that includes,
buckles, straps, cuff bracelets, and pendant necklaces.Although BeltEnvy is highly successful with its ecommerce website, national
tradeshow exposure and retail presence, ITMC approached BeltEnvy about developing additional business alignments, an original sponsorship program to attract highly active, emerging artists to gain broader national exposure.The program provided criteria in which provided reciprocal advertising andexposure for both parties. It gave BeltEnvy more exposure at events with signage, incentive opportunities, online, social media, more industry contacts to expand their artist circles, would allow BeltEnvy and the artist reciprocal benefits.Some clients are doing all the right things, but not in the right order or frequency.

With the impact that a strategic marketing plan generates, ITMC can add creative and productive thrust to any marketing campaign.Sample expectations and results: Aligned with artist with over 60,000 social media followers, national tour and audience, custom designs, national connections, signage, print, announcements, and incentives.

Results (alignment with 3 artists combined):

  • Shared exposure of over 100,000 social media followers
  • National audience with grass roots reach• Consumer exposure – estimated 60,000+/year
  • National connections and alignments for design, marketing and sales
  • Alignment with national Anti-Bullying campaign

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

Kim Z, Realtor Becomes a Brand

Challenge : EVERYONE knows a realtor – how to stand out in a big way?
We were balancing Commodity vs. Originality.

Realtors are everywhere. There are currently over 2 million active real estate licensees in the United States. That works out evenly to 40,000 per state. The competition is not only everywhere, but sitting at the adjacent desk.

How does a Realtor stand out from all the others and from their own company? Better yet, in a sea of possibilities, how does a prospective buyer or seller distinguish the best agent on the game if one agent is indistinguishable from the next?

Our client, who is, by the way an outstanding Realtor in her field, came to In Touch Marketing Concepts with the thought that there must be a better way of marketing
outside of the regular channels in use elsewhere. Currently, the top places for listings are, and But we wanted to go further and locate clients before they got to the big three sales sites.

We had ideas, answers, and tools that she had not previously considered, and we offered marketing strategies that are not in the mainstream of realtor advertising.

Rebranding a subsidiary of a branded business is always a bit tricky. It requires a firm resolve to walk the edge and not look down. This is exactly the approach we took with Kim Zampirri.

This is how the local gal, who is the consummate professional, is now reaching people all over the city, county and country. Kim Z Real Estate is placing happy homeowners both locally and across the country.

Her new logo and look are recognized both hyper-locally and countrywide. Her communications are consistent and content powered. She now reaches across the
counties where her clients reside, and the country where web authority rules.

In addition to building additional solid business, she has been asked to consult on matters of Real Estate and has been asked to co-host multiple radio programs dealing with all aspects of the real estate game.

Kim Z went from a commodity Realtor to a well-recognized power brand. She enjoys the moments when she meets folks and they say “Wow, you are everywhere!.”

From a fully thought out marketing plan, to a purposeful tagline, logo and branding, Kim Z’s plan has tried to be duplicated by others in the industry. Her business went from sporadic success to the continual high-end flow of clients and transactions.

• Recognition locally, regionally and countrywide.
• Increased online social media reach, interaction with real estate moguls from
coast-to-coast, thousands of social media followers.
• Sales like the 80’s prime time market.
• Radio and miscellaneous media exposure

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

Charitable Foundation Needed to Roll

501c3 Needed to keep on rolling along, but faster.

Perception is EVERTHING! No longer are individuals with disabilities viewed as incapable. But the perception is that there isn’t “much we ca do.” Chris Kaag didn’t feel that way but the medical expenses leave little additional for anything else. Chris set out to support active lifestyles for people who don’t want to settle down. I AM Able funds adaptive equipment for those people who want to test their skills and abilities and challenge the technologies that make life for this special group of athletes able to realize their full potential.

What is the largest challenge for a non-profit organization? It’s the tremendous competition for continual and residual donations.

First you must locate, identify and open communications with potential donors. It’s important for non-profits to have a clear mission statement so that donors know exactly where, why and how their monies are being spent.

The mission of the IM ABLE Foundation is to remove obstacles that prevent people affected by disabilities from being physically active by providing grants, resources,
fitness opportunities and motivation. We change attitudes about the potential of disabled individuals by redefining what is possible and providing the equipment they
need to succeed.

IM ABLE came to ITMC to help develop a strategic marketing plan for their largest fundraising event, a triathlon for their competitors. Our first initiative was to survey
the triathlon attendees to really understand the strengths and weaknesses of logistics,services and ultimately communication of donor levels and interest.

From our survey, 84% of the attendees did NOT know this was a fundraising event. Just this tool alone changed the course of the future for IM ABLE. With a better understanding of their sphere of interest, communicating and marketing the purpose of IM ABLE and its triathlon became a greater success.

• Identification of the softest touch points of the symbiotic groups, both abled and disabled.
• Improved print materials and pre-event marketing.
• Higher donations through more event opportunities to give the organization a higher visibility.

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

Building Traffic for the Trade Industry

Building audience for a regional building trades organization, requires more thana hammer and nails, spit and glue. What happens when contractors and builders are not meeting the challenges of building their trade group? Or maintaining a community audience? Have no visible presence and losing audience in their own demographic?

NARI-BIE (Building Industries Exchange of Pottstown & Vicinity) needed a new website, social media marketing, membership increased and their annual trade show needed a face-lift from the tired and repetitive.

The challenge was multi-faceted; working with builders to increase their membership in the local trade groups, to influence consumer awareness and spread local presence in an ever-expanding community. The group had a specific budget and a membership that was reluctant to embrace new technologies in advertising.

The first of many suggestions was a total rebranding, a total website redesign, development of social media out reach, and finessing the 60 year old annual home show to introduce the organization to a lot more local businesses.

Another challenge was expanding and executing the marketing on a restrictive budget that had remained unchanged for many years.

The website grew with a new design, easily identifiable member showcases, search by craft, and an activities registration forms and calendar. The Facebook page and other social media was expanded to post on regular schedule, the event notices were directly delivered to members and fans via and eNewsletter and the home show
was revamped with a theme and new décor.

ITMC harnessed the power and history of the hospitable pineapple to rebrand the show, communications and welcome and local flavor of the organization together with the offering of a cookbook from their members own recipes. All available online as a downloadable pdf.

The results:
The home show was the number 1 trending event on the four major search engines for over five weeks prior to and including the home show. Feedback increased as did the fan pages and followers on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.. Membership increased by a solid 10% in the same five week time period, The member directory was delivered directly to consumers with planned expansion in coming years.

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

A Gem of a Jeweler with Low Visibility

So Sweet Jewelers ~ bling is HER thing once you know where to find her!

The youngest jewelry buyer in Philadelphia eventually opens a highly exclusive jewelry boutique in a central but hidden location. Easily accessible but passed by many would-be buyers each day and the shop was virtually unknown. Truly this is the pot of gold at the elusive end of the rainbow.

Competing with the high-visibility, discount gem dealers and mall stores is not an enviable position. But this tiny shop offers excellence, with a reputation for high quality, ethical practices, and a flair for both wedding specialties and stylish high-end but affordable statement pieces. Even this wasn’t enough to bring traffic to the small shop in a corner of a busy shopping center.

Jewelry isn’t just about the sparkle. So Sweet’s owner set out to show that the jewelry and gift business is a lot more involved than just carats and precious metals. Jewelry is the one item that people first identify to preserve in emergencies. Whether the pieces are heirlooms, sentimental commemoratives, engagement, wedding,  anniversary or celebratory for other reasons, jewelry holds a high seat in the most treasured possessions.

Appraisals and estate liquidations, resetting and reselling, buying gold and other valuable metals doesn’t sound that grand until you find that there is one priceless expert in the house to do all of these functions. Honestly. With integrity. And a client list of repeat customers that go back two decades.

The challenge was to bring on the prospective grooms for engagement rings, bring in the brides for wedding and bridesmaids accessories and gifts and bring in the estate sellers, buyers and others with exquisite taste in fine jewelry.

Rebranding the logo, social media and upgrading all of the sales materials, we had to expand outside of the So Sweet “internal loop” of customers. ITMC expanded the reach via social media, email marketing, and new print. New ways of looking at the coordination of treasures and trinkets, finery and frippery with
the modern man or woman.

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

Bookkeeping Boomer

Baby Boomers are returning to the marketplace in astounding numbers.  Whether early retirement, corporate down-sizing or simple attrition, today almost 23.4 of start-up business are baby boomers in owner-run, start-up, and entrepreneurial roles.

It is no surprise that a relatively young guy with a Masters in Taxation and a former CPA for a Fortune 500 company would find himself a little bored with retirement. But starting up a new business after a career in the corporate world would give Logan Smith the advantage of being a new-business newcomer.

Like so many common professions, our challenge was to give a new feel to an old occupation that is uniquely specializing in boutique business accounting and bookkeeping. The look had to be fresh and informative while engaging the specific generation that the client specified.

How does an accounting firm present itself in an interesting and attractive way to a younger, hipper generation? While the look and tone was developed, tested and marketing, the accountant was busy counting his growing list of clients. Working with the marketing team, the client defined both his needs and limits.

The decision to brand and pair a new website with a very aggressive social media campaign was the major focus of the marketing plan. Pulling in collaborative advertising, for the new website, out-reaching with eNewletters, RSS feeds and a full-on social media blitz launched the company into the boutique accounting market with just the right number of clients in the specific geographical regional desired.


    • Email Marketing – Consistently has 30% open rate, 20% higher than the industry standard.
    • Optimum number of clients maintained over a two-year period.

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

Security Company Needed Alarming Results

When our security company realized that the “Big Box” stores and local cable companies were selling sub-par security systems off the shelf, they knew they
had to alert their clients and increase regional awareness of their company and superior emergency response rates.

The largest hurdle is competing with the advertising dollars of giant conglomerates.

Based in an area where their name is largely recognized and trusted, they needed more “call-to-action” pieces. ITMC was challenged to spread a little education on
the reasons that a local company responds better, how they customize systems more individually than the large commercial companies and how they personalize
there relationships with their clients.

They also challenged their competitors, to whom clients are “just a number.”

How do you tell your customers you care, you are custom and that the local service is better service? We decided that stating the obvious was the best
way to convey the ideas that a dedicated community service with personal and direct communications.

We found success comparing the company dedicated only to security services to the
mega-companies; “Are you number 516,000 in line?”  or comparing the company who serves as both the security and “movie of the week” service provider, or the company that is more concerned with the number of channels they offer ~ the answer was obvious.

Just several of the results:
Greatly improved branding through modernized graphics, a specifically focused,
on-going direct mail campaign, and improved Email Marketing. The strategic plan
resulted in having a consistent open rate of 35% and an awesome 11% click-through rate.

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

Filling the Footprint – Got Space?

Got Lots of Space? Our client did. Unused and non-profitable.

What can a distributor do who isn’t maximizing his available facility space, and who could be distributing more product and serving a broader clientele?

We used our unique, “Fill the Footprint” strategy to increase tonnage with existing customers, while targeting new clients within a specified delivery area.

  • Business Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Benchmarks
  • Timeline
  • 90 Day Evaluation Marketing Plan Case Study
  • Goals
  • SMART Objectives
  • Sales Strategies
  • Competitive Review
  • Customer Mix Added
  • Analyze Results

How did that work out?

The ITMC Marketing Plan resulted in:

  • 28 NEW customers.
  • Increased tonnage of 358,494 lbs.
  • Increased sales by $600,000 per month WITHOUT INCREASING COSTS.

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

Having a Heart Attack? The life you save…

Heart Starters Inc. had an emergency situation that only our marketing team could revive.

Preparing for THE Emergency.  Training for critical events requires attention to not only the details but to the personnel that you are training.  Training many of the EMTs, police
and fire response teams around the state and across the country is serious business. When your team attends an event or concert, you realize that your training can save a life.

Their motto is: 80% of all cardiac arrests occur in the home! The life you save may be someone you love!

CPR Heart Starters has provided training primarily to Emergency Services Personnel including, police, fire, EMS and emergency management. It is a premier service for training First Aid and CPR. They provide highly trained instructors to ensure well-grounded and well-trained graduates.

In recent years, this educationally based organization expanded its classes to encompass all facets of public service and industrial needs. Training is their lifeblood, and while they are well-known locally they needed a more steady stream of recognition, classes (students) and a broader residual audience.

Their number one and first rule is: “Don’t become a victim!” Caution is the first ruleof responding. Having fun in training is the first rule of learning.

Our Challenge: CPR Heart Starters needed to increase class bookings and attendance with higher sales. This translated to training more emergency teams, more nurses, more county personnel ~ more event staff.

They asked for cross promotion of services (Training, Courses, Certification) and increased sales of safety products AED’s, CPR Kits, raised heart health awareness, with information published for CPR trainers and consumers…to name a few.

In the short run, CPR Heart Starters credited an increase of 15% in their bookings and instructional programs.

Landed additional townships to train their service units and now CPRHS and IMTC are duplicating the program across the state with other township supervisory groups.

Increased profit and class attendance 14% via eNewsletter tool alone.

The CPR Heart Starters eNewsletter generates incoming calls EVERY time it goes out and generates a consistent open rate of 21%.

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

Telecom ~ CCTV ~ Low Voltage Electric

Call Us First ~ Listen While You Wait

Another “big box store” competitor casualty. A local phone/security/CCTV systems provider wasn’t feeling the best connection with their clients or their prospective

The prevalence of better quality phone equipment available through onlne stores or via the large discount chains posed a real problem and loss of income for this custom,
high-quality phone systems, surveillance and intercom installer.

Stuck on the cusp of major technological changes in the office phone system structures, and struggling against “big box” providers, our client decided on
a totally new futuristic look while talking about the nearly 30 year old family business.

To further complicate the task, many of the parts and communication models are readily available online. Excellence in customer service and experience aligned with a focus on niche programs became the prime focus of this campaign.

The challenge was to balance a feel of the traditional family business with the most modern technologies in phone communications, CCTV, low-voltage installations,

ATM machine placements and a specialty in hospital communications systems and church displays. Churches and prisons are a niche service that are a lock but how to drill down on that market was yet another challenge.

Continual attention to the social media aspect of the business and updating of their direct customer outreach was critical to holding their repeat business.

What did they say? Great Communications!

Email Marketing: 32% Open Rate
Social Media – growing response

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

Spotting Problems in Cleaning

What is the solution for a fast growing Cleaning Solutions business?

When you have a dream of owning your own business, and possess an extreme intolerance of dirt, grime and the detritus of daily life, you start
a cleaning business.

Our client is the fastest moving, most motivated new business starter ever seen. She can spot a spot from quite a distance, she will ferret out the flaw with a black light, and she spotted us to take care of all of her marketing needs in this outside-of-the-box plan.

They got down to cleaning and we lined up a marketing strategy that they are following closely.

The family owned business started as just that, family owned and family serviced. Very shortly the company experienced a spurt of growth and had to expand to several crews.  Now deploying a number of solutions teams, the owners are expanding their mode of advertising and marketing to include direct mail and radio covering the whole Delaware Valley.

How are they doing? The service has been booked for small office buildings, small businesses, small houses, large residential homes and a very remarkable palatial estate in the Mainline area. Has anyone seen The Philadelphia Story?

The combination of focused strategy and a start-up budget got this business not only off the ground but gave it wings in a very short amount of time.

Email Marketing alone generated a consistent 37% open rate.

Great Coverage and terrific recognition.

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

Teaching a Builder to Build and Audience

What’s in a name? We met with Dennis Gehman, local design home builder and President of NARI-BIE, the prestigeous National Association of Remodeling
Industries – Building Industries Exchange.

Gehman called to discuss just this question. Gehman Design Remodeling went through a recent name change, a website update and an internal redesign that entailed a strong hiring effort and the result was that they needed to take the next step.

They were only missing the overall marketing plan and turned to In Touch Marketing Concepts to visualize a strategy to keep ahead with their efforts that were already
well underway.

With the advent of stronger internet response possibilities, Gehman Design Remodeling, based in Harleysville, PA, needed a marketing plan to extend the business influence beyond the immediate community.

Realizing that changing a name and focus isn’t always easy until you have a plan… a very good plan that will be executed to a “T,” Gehman opted to harness the power
of the Internet to market on both a national and regional level through RSS feeds, local articles, posts to local feeds, the creation of targeted feedback strategies and the curiosity of their current and prospective clients.

IMTC recommended a series of strategies that built over time, to gauge the response, and allow the company to expand at a rate the builders’ teams could meet. They also
accrued a substantial following through several social media platforms and directories.

The expansion plan coupled with the National CotY Awards recognition, has catapulted Gehman Design Remodeling into a new realm receiving inquiries from a broader clientele with more extensive needs. The result is that will allow Gehman to showcase the range of their fine craftsmanship and attention to the finest details.

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”

New Cards, New Web, New Us!

Shoes for the shoemakers children.

Yes, we understand this concept but we don’t buy it. The shoemakers children must have the best materials in the most current styles, but custom selected and fitted for each child. Just like our custom approach to each of our clients.No two clients are identical, and no two clients receive the same marketing plans or approach.

Every client is held in a unique light to assess the best approach to their prospective target market, the best use of their marketing budget and the best time frame in which to achieve those goals.

In Touch Marketing Concepts applies this theory to their own marketing strategies.

We select exactly the right plan, the right timing, the correct formats, the perfect text and tone, and we place the information in a selectively fitted program ranging from simple Business Cards, Social Media, Print Media, Social Media blog spots, network groups, Chamber of Commerce participation, charitable alignments, social media directories, and national news feed sites. In short, everything short of skywriting. But, if the client fits that, we would use that too.

We lead by example and we will focus that same energy on your company to get the best results for you, custom fitted to your needs and budgetary considerations.

We truly believe that each and every business, no matter how similar, has a varied and distinct feel and persona.

Your Business is Unique ~ Leave Your Imprint!

Achieved Huge Success – “Call us to hear how we did it – we can do it for you.”